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Links to a variety of things I have featured in or been involved in. Click on the links to visit each:
The Lonely Funeral
A project aimed at celebrating people who die with no family or friends to speak for them at their funeral.
Watch the BBC video about the project (broadcast on BBC Morning Live, November 8th 2023)
Patchwork Poem for National Poetry Day
Produced in conjunction with the Federation of Writers Scotland, this features fragments of poetry from members woven into a complete poem to celebrate NPD
Patchwork Poem 2021 - NPD Theme 'Choice'
Patchwork Poem 2020 - NPD Theme 'Vision'
See a video recording of the poem here
Patchwork Poem 2019 - NPD Theme 'Truth'
Patchwork Poem 2018 - NPD Theme 'Change'
Patchwork Poem 2017 - NPD Theme 'Freedom'
Poems on Soundcloud
A selection of poems in audio form:
Tiny Clanger Triolet
Tiny Clanger Tanka
City of the Dead
Jennie Lee by Robert Capa
Scottish Poetry Library Podcast
A 2011 conversation with Ryan Van Winkle featuring poems from my debut collection 'The Assassination Museum'.

Interview for Poetry Spotlight website
A 2016 interview with a few poems thrown in for good measure.
Interview for 'I Don't Call Myself A Poet' website
A 2012 interview with Arina Mitsujeva.
Interview for 'Write Out Loud' website
A 2019 interview on the Otwituaries Blog with Greg Freeman.
Interview for 'The Wombwell Rainbow' website
A 2018 interview with Paul Waring 
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