Links to a variety of things I have featured in or been involved in. Click on the links to visit each:
Patchwork Poem for National Poetry Day
Produced in conjunction with the Federation of Writers Scotland, this features fragments of poetry from members woven into a complete poem to celebrate NPD
Patchwork Poem 2021 - NPD Theme 'Choice'
Patchwork Poem 2020 - NPD Theme 'Vision'
See a video recording of the poem here
Patchwork Poem 2019 - NPD Theme 'Truth'
Patchwork Poem 2018 - NPD Theme 'Change'
Patchwork Poem 2017 - NPD Theme 'Freedom'
Poems on Soundcloud
A selection of poems in audio form:
Tiny Clanger Triolet
Tiny Clanger Tanka
City of the Dead
Jennie Lee by Robert Capa
Scottish Poetry Library Podcast
A 2011 conversation with Ryan Van Winkle featuring poems from my debut collection 'The Assassination Museum'.

Interview for Poetry Spotlight website
A 2016 interview with a few poems thrown in for good measure.
Interview for 'I Don't Call Myself A Poet' website
A 2012 interview with Arina Mitsujeva.
Interview for 'Write Out Loud' website
A 2019 interview on the Otwituaries Blog with Greg Freeman.
Interview for 'The Wombwell Rainbow' website
A 2018 interview with Paul Waring