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What they say...


“alive with possibility and excitement: the possibility of remaking poems within the Scottish Literary heritage, the excitement of using rhyme and half-rhyme to amplify a voice rather than stifle it, the possibility of using memory to create and shape real, lasting works of art, and the excitement of a new voice emerging with confidence and real ability..."   (Ian McMillan, Poet and Broadcaster)

“chilly, deadpan funny, and inimitable” (Northwords Now)


"wit, a healthy cynicism and perhaps a hint of sadness on the myriad of ways we cheat ourselves, each other and the world around us. If you like your poetry down to earth and dealing with everyday aspects of life, then I recommend this collection." (Lesley Holmes, Dundee Review of the Arts)

About me


November 2023

I am a poet and editor of several anthologies and web-based poetry projects. My fourth collection of poetry entitled Games Night was published in Spring 2023 by Red Squirrel Press - available to buy by clicking here 

I have copies of some of my other books which you can buy direct from me by emailing me at


Biographical stuff

I was born in Salford, England in 1965 and moved to the East of Scotland in 1992. In 2017 I was Makar to the Federation of Writers Scotland.

Details of publications I've worked on and poetry projects I've been involved in are in the menu above, along with links to other things I have contributed to in some way.  You can also see some of my poems should you wish to.  And if you're not completely put off after that you can even buy copies of some of the books.

I'd like to thank Sheila Wakefield from Red Squirrel Press for all her support over the years, and also Andy Croft from Smokestack Press and  Rob Mackenzie from Blue Diode Publishing.


I'd also like to thank co-editors past and present W N Herbert, George Szirtes and Brian Johnstone. Thanks also go to members of the Soutar Writers group in Perth and the Federation of Writers Scotland, plus poets too numerous to mention who have submitted work to the various poetry projects I've been fortunate enough to work on.

I've also been fortunate to work with some great designers and photographers who have contributed images to books I've been involved in, including Paul Mawson, Shahbaz Majeed, Calum Colvin, Tim Turnbull, Jan BrašnaVincent Vermeij (aka Chungkong), Kierion Lloyd, Gerry Cambridge, Christine Matthews & Greig Stott.

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